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animal zodiac from Simba Empty animal zodiac from Simba

on Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:26 pm
so are you using a poor peoples' zodiac? those don't work

crAzy people, here's an a real one, you can tell, it's got east, AND west
if you found these, animal, north and south
that's called aurora and flame
sith, and jedi by another name?

the universe is split, and people are from everywhere,
here's one side of the infinity loup, CHAOS

animality, sexuality, crest(symbol, called a sign), and home(time IS space) so WHERE is September?
犉Ox 屭Strong   TAURUS, runner Mountain
鼠Mouse/Rabbit 司Hidden BELEIVA, sunny Spring
彪Fox/Tiger 素Naked TWIN, kindred Summer
猫Lion cub 子Child VIRGO, student September
蜥Lizard 欲Bathed MARTIAN, alien Equinox
馬Horse 确Surest CENTAUR, prowess’d Forest
羊Ram(Reindeer) 袴Aspected ARIES(ARTEMIS), charger(flier) Sun(Moon)
猿Primeape(monkey) 猛LivingMAELUS, initiate Oktober
犬Dog 艴Changing MONAUKEN, companion Ground
豚Oelephant 承Understood UNIQGAUD, parable of the pig Trail
鷲Wolf(falcon,bat) 精Teenager EPONA, justin August
鷹Raptor(also eagles) 著Renown SIGMA, boy Clover
鶹Owl 誘Guided ROBOT, wiser Emerald
産Girl 劇的Exciting AQUARIUS, Elixer Loreian
蝯Bonobo (gorillas) 級Under DOCTOR, friend June
竜Dragon 侯Worshipped CHANGELING, sex April
担Panda 賢Intelligent COURAGE May
鷂Hawk 張Adept lEO, shifted february
亀Turtle 麗Harkened TRIDEN, father December

split infinity from AMBER, my Sister is, who're you?
女Shinobi 忒Usual (lioness) GODESS, learned lightning
超Bronteosaurus 頼Hopeful (male) TROPIUS, lit Planit
案Raven(traveller) 禄Course (male) SCARECROW, random fields
洋Lying Sea 誘Unusual(women) SEAWITCH, good tho surf and sand
変Bluebird 撃Lightning STARLIGHT, Soul Underworld
楽Lantern(pumpkin) 照Beaming(male) BABY trusted Vine
愛Aphrodesiac 赫Humming(female) MENTAL, girl Sex
高Aalien(aliean) 氷Way Cooler ALLY, friend Immortal
焰Firefly 炎Blazing(boy) IMMORTAL, fired rivers
姫Sword 火Ways Told(girl) FAIRY, spelled -havens, ways
鍵Bay(soul boy) 時Ssilver(male) SILVER KEY, bays castle
儚Clover 等Ways Away(male) FIELDS, LAIF -smoke, ash
法Thundercloud 最Roaring(male) JEDI, sensed Sky
楊Spirit 吸Drink(female) SAKI, wisp Willower
熱Firework 呼Lit(female) HANAKII, fireflower -fairy circles,china
糸Universe(female) 秀StarLit(glowng) EYWIN, lit -spirit jungle
徹Human(dolphin) 族Tribal(female) TRIBE, adaptiv night
夜Crazed 縫Livid(reptile) IMPOSSIBLE, made heartlands
辰Dragon(stranger) 結Misted STRANGER, human Mythos

unheard ofs
黒T-Rex 露Cute SAURIAN, faith -deep space
☀ Blue Sun 求God WISHING STAR, gold Hope
釹Neo 新None KINDREAD, classy online
rare or unfound
玩 Toy 発Sunny ENCHANTED, shopped Play
莉jasmine 暑Haut RARE FLOWER, princess Nights
漫Homunculus 綃Lust APHRODESIAC, lain bloodstone circles
州Feuhrer 敖Pride your own name, w/ 州 ascent
豪Symphony 鹿威Touch ALPHONSO, nake paradise lo
林Tree 液Vein EN, soot mother nature
術Healer 仏Woundead SCAR lighte hoping
像Goddess 虚Vanity PANDORA, musicbox howls
嬢kid Goddess 係Coin POWER RANGER, kameo static
Ж Hart Л Journey DEER found -over fields
ЩWatcher ГоrЭд UKRAINE vampire火 graveyards
Ш Wendigo 人Crying BRAVER, think cloud -running
Яussian Dárük(dog)’dark’ FRIEND, night October

can you sense it? where are you from??
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