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on Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:43 pm
Teenagers online,
somehow aren’t allowed to talk about sex, so probably you should get under the impression that nobody was allowed to tell you
to pay attention, to that wall calender
and no one was allowed to say, your 6 year old can’t deliver babies, and no one was allowed to say, you had to take that baby in, for medicine
after they killed your dog
and they killed your sister’s son, when he watched it happen, they thought it would help, but all he saw was murder, and he killed his mother? no he just, won’t talk to her anymore, he doesn’t talk to anyone,
but look, any story it was
you don’t need social security because you don’t want a job, you don’t want slavery, and you don’t need
to not be cute to keep shelter and you are, but you don’t need a birth certificate and you don’t need to pay attention to a calendar on the wall, so what is a teenager online
why is teenline online trying so hard to suck at giving advice?
why does teenchat.com suck so, fucking hard right now? why aren’t there any kid chatrooms you don’t give rules into
it’s the only place around kids are free to be alive in for? what’s all this shit about protecting forum trolls and making them wear bellhop suits so they can club you then, too?
Some teenage paradise told you there was a good way to want to be on teenline dot org but somehow you missed that there’s a million million venturelessnot paradises
and google won’t show them to you
but if you were trying to build an R2-D2 unit and some kid could help you, you’d have found him, but google’s first ever commercial product line covered him up for you,
google the search engine, did, droid, and android, no more searches kids. no more music robots, we need to outlaw them later
or we can’t make, any money? “only mAuney,!” but like, duh, I’ve got R2? who Are you? What is a teenager?

hi R2!
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on Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:16 pm
Life in tellingso, what was, but to human, I know
These in ages loss for that this was changed but who knows what was in before these worlds but who to telling where was gone into inside my traktion but showing more into less for these worlds ever into my show for that this was in my only action who was before these worlds, live, live, world live, this was good to knowing more before these worlds, life li
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